My Mission Statement:

I wish first and foremost to provide to all my clients a standard of business that provides them that which I myself personally wish to find when dealing with a business. Growing up and over many of my adult years I have heard many complaints about service businesses. I have made it my personal goal to avoid the many difficulties clients sometimes encounter. To this end I attempt to do the following to provide my clients the best service I am able to provide.

  1. Make every attempt to answer calls as soon as possible - I strive to return calls on the day the client calls.  On extremely busy days I may not be able to call back until the next day. Please note that I do not have business hours on weekends and thus return any weekend calls on the following Monday.
  2. To provide appointments on days and hours that are convenient to the client, and to arrive on time to all appointments.  If I find I may be more than 15 minutes late I will attempt to notify my clients to provide the approximate time I expect to arrive. Traffic is usually the issue that makes me late.
  3. To provide when requested approximate costs in advance by phone and to keep to these prices. Prices quoted by phone are based on the information I have at the time and are generally correct, but I must review the piano in person before I can confirm any work or prices. In some instances, there may be a possible price variation or range of prices.  In these instances, there are usually issues based on the age, condition and other unknown issues that do not allow me to provide an exact price. 
  4. To be pleasant and courteous at all times. Attempt to educate my clients about the problems related to their piano so they can make a logical decision about the work proposed.  To answer any questions, explain the work / processes involved or why the work is needed.
  5.  Finally, I make every effort to not be critical of the pianos my clients own, but instead, take the instrument the customer owns and try to make it the best it can be.

I hope that in the end, my honesty and integrity will allow people to trust me to do the work needed.  Over all my years in business I have found that simply giving people the information they need to make a reasonable decision and stepping back so they can decide for themselves what is in their best interests, is the best and most professional way to conduct oneself. I hope you find my mission statement evident in the way I conduct my business.

If there is anything I can do to improve my standards I am always open to ideas and appreciate all constructive criticisms.

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 After 50 years in business I am retiring on 

              September 1st 2022!!! 

I want to thank the many 1000's of clients I have served over these many decades and express my appreciation for the opportunity to serve all of you.


Paul Olson​​

Who We Are

Olson Piano Service was founded in 1973 by Paul Olson.  With close to 50 years of experience, I have serviced over 85,000 clients in the Northern Virginia and other surrounding Washington suburbs, including over 70,000 tunings.

My services include: tuning, all types of piano repairs, voicing and regulation, installation of new parts and reconditioning of old parts for any aspect of the piano. In addition, I also provide Dampp Chaser (Life Saver) installation and maintenance of this humidity control system. Nearly 80% of my clientele are private clients, but I also serve a large number of churches and institutions. I have been called upon over the years by manufacturers to assist in numerous warranty problems.

I also have taught at NVCC course in introductory piano technology. I am a member of the PTG (Piano Technicians Guild) and MPT (Master Piano Tuner/Technicians International). I have a shop for complete rebuilding or reconditioning of pianos.

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